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Our Food

Freshly cooked food

Creating Healthy Eating Habits 

We offer the children breakfast, lunch and tea, with healthy snacks and drinks available. Food is available whenever your child needs, just like home. Children have opportunity to prepare their meals and to help lay the table, with cutlery, crockery, glasses, and even a vase of flowers. Meal times are a social occasion in which children of all mixed ages and staff sit together to enjoy the freshly cooked food or a packed lunch, serving each other and supporting a positive mealtime experience.  


We organise lunch and tea so that they are social occasions in which children and staff participate by helping each other and taking turns. At meal times children of mixed ages, sit at a table with other children and a member of staff to encourage a positive eating experience and table manners. We provide children who bring packed lunches with plates, cups and cutlery as necessary.

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Our Menu's

Breakfast, freshly cooked lunches and tea are all included in our fee structure. Our menus are set for each term on a rolling 3 week rota. We offer the children the choice of nutritionally balanced, freshly cooked meals, prepared on the premises. Our chef is a Mum and prides herself in preparing child friendly, interesting food to entice even the fussiest of eaters. Children love to be part of the process of food preparation and sometimes they are even eating fresh vegetables that they have grown in the nursery garden. All dietary requirements are met with minimal fuss and with inclusivity.

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The Children's Kitchen

At Bardfield Montessori we have installed a children’s kitchen next to our main nursery kitchen so that children can be part of the cooking process. Children in small groups will have the opportunity to help prepare and make meals from the menu alongside the cook and supporting staff. Children will have the opportunity to explore their sensorial experiences as they taste, touch and smell a range of foods. Their independence skills are enhanced within the children’s kitchen as they use real life tools and equipment specifically designed to complete the cutting of vegetables and mixing of foods safely.